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Series Scope and Nature (2002-2007)*

This book series fills a critical void in business-to-business marketing knowledge by combining managerial relevance with scholarly rigor.  Books published in this series foster our understanding of business marketing phenomena and managerial practice around the globe. Resources currently available do not adequately address the needs of business marketing practitioners and academics looking for breadth and depth of coverage on various issues of research, practice, and education. 

This series offers unprecedented point-of-use access for individuals who want to enhance their understanding of managerial practice, research or teaching across a wide variety of business marketing topics. The goal is to provide resources to support business marketing practitioners and academics on a sustainable basis. These volumes will focus exclusively on topics in business marketing, using relevance and rigor to aid in cutting-edge knowledge development. 


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* Taylor & Francis Group, a European based publisher, headquartered in England, acquired the Haworth Press, Inc. as of September 2007.

Subsequently, T&F unilaterally released all book series editors contracted out within the book programs owned by the Haworth Press, Inc.